Monday, April 18, 2011

Old, Cold, and Hoping to be Sold

Hello out there in Bloggerville!

Again, I've whisked off to la-la land, leaving my poor little blog to collect dust and amass cobwebs. It's amazing how much life happens to you while you're busy making plans.

Time has marched on. We are all older. The boy is now 16, and is finishing up his Junior year in high school. He's begun his quest for college, and for a part-time summer job, but has yet to search out a girl. I must admit that my Mama's heart is happy, on all three counts. :)

The oldest girlie is now 12, and has immersed herself head first into the world of 'Tweendom. She's struggled through her first year of middle school, complete with a heavier workload and raging hormones, and has emerged relatively scar-free. Her glory has reached new heights (pun totally intended), because she now gloats over the fact that she is taller than her Ma. It doesn't matter whether she towers over me or not... as long as she understands that I still rule the roost.

The little has just about wrapped up her first year in elementary school, and can almost notch Kindergarten off of her preverbial belt. There were some real growing pains for her, too... going from the fun, carefree days of preschool to the more grounded work that is Kindergarten hasn't been easy on her, either emotionally or academically. Admittedly, she's had her fair share of meltdowns and trauma, and has required some extra assistance in the way of reading and spelling. But, I can say that she's still a sweet kid who's happily making lots of new friends, and her school work is getting better each day.

So, as we find ourselves in the middle of spring (with the increase of sunshine, but not warmer temperatures, as I sit here typing this while bundled up in my winter robe and slipper socks!), I'm content to watch my children move forward into the next phases of their lives, knowing we've all overcome the struggles of this past year and have learned and benefited from the experiences.

Not only have I worked diligently to better my children with their academics, I'm also pitching myself out into the workforce. I've decided, more as a necessity, but also as a hope to dip my toes into the working world with the eventual outcome of diving into a full-time gig, to begin searching for a part-time position. I'm narrowing my application options to those jobs that truly sound interesting, fun, and accommodating to my kids' schedules. I've applied for a bunch, and will continue to look, and I'll hope for the best. Let's hope someone out there will want to buy the bundle of goods that this old lady has to sell.