Friday, October 17, 2008

The "Quirky" Tag

This tag entails the "tagee" listing six quirks about them. So, for better or worse... here goes:

1) As tired as I've been during the day, I absolutely CANNOT take a nap if I'm alone in the house. I've certainly tried, but all of the quiet brings out all of the noises, and it just wigs me out too much.

2) I also cannot take a shower if I'm alone in the house, either. Think Norman Bates, and you'll get it.

3) I'm a stickler about making sure that doors and drawers are CLOSED. All cabinet doors, closet doors, bureau drawers, linen cabinet drawers... they have to be SHUT TIGHT. It completely irks me if they aren't. In fact, if either the closet or room door isn't shut before I go to sleep, then I HAVE to get up out of bed to close it, or I can't sleep.

4) When I go to cook anything, all of my countertops HAVE to be free of clutter, and my kitchen sink cannot have a single dirty dish in it. I have to make sure everything's neat and tidy before I can start preparing a meal.

5) I can look like the biggest schlep in the world when I walk out the door and not give a rat's patoot, but my kids HAVE to look neat. Their clothes have to match, they have to be clean and neat, and they have to look nice.

6) I have to fall asleep watching the television, but I can't stay asleep if the TV is left on. I always wake up at some point and shut it off.

Okay, now that I've completed Paula's request, I ask that anyone who wants to participate, please feel free. Just make sure I know you're doing it, so I can come and read your responses! :)


Erica said...

I'll have to do this one...

Karyn said...

I forgot what I was going to say..............oh yeah.. Norman Bates... who is that? I only am familiar with the shower scene from "Physco"... is that Norman Bates?? (I'm only familiar with it 'cause of clips, and it was in a PC game called Colonels Bequest... when you went to the bathroom, if you typed in the command to 'take shower' you died by stabbing. It was fun. >=D In the game, I discovered lots of ways to die: climbing in the laundry chute, walking under a chandelier, getting caught by the villian, using the banister on the staircase... lots of ways. I never did finish that game.....

Michelle D. said...

It's always fun to see what little quirks people have :) Thanks for sharing.