Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yard Sales and Packrats

I've FINALLY convinced my husband that we've accumulated more than our fair share of junk, and he's agreed to have a yard sale. So, we set the date for this Sunday, I posted an ad on Craigslist.com, and we started the daunting task of going through our things on Mother's Day (and, for those of you who think they should take pity on me for doing such a not-so-fun thing on "my" day, don't worry.... it was a very joyous thing for me to do, knowing I'd be ridding this house of so much crap...er, I mean... merchandise! ;).

I learned very quickly, however, that this particular project should NOT have been done while my three kids were present. Every other thing I put on the "for sale" pile kept being yanked back out by a pleading kid, who kept looking at me, all doe-eyed, saying "Oh, please Mom... don't sell this! Can we/I keep it....puuuhhhhllleeeasssseeee???"

Some things I relinquished on, and some things I stood firm for. For instance, I let my youngest daughter keep some stuffed animals that were formerly owned by her brother or sister, but would not let her keep the bag stuffed with six gagillion Christmas tree-shaped cookie tins we found (which were bought at at time when I thought I was going to be a Martha Stewart incarnate, and bake batches and batches of homemade cookies, handing them out gleefully to everyone I met. I turned out to be more like Roseanne that Christmas, giving people passing waves and a "Happy Holidays" instead. Hey, at least I was joyful about that, right?). After dealing with a pretty traumatic toddler meltdown, those tins made it to the For Sale pile, too.

So...if you are so inclined to be the next incarnate of Martha, they're up for sale! Come on down! :)

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