Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Why is it that, as a mom, my needs pretty much always come last? At least that's the rationale I'm going with to defend my position against making a doctor's appointment... until now.

I felt a cold coming on, about a week before Thanksgiving. Oh, great. Just what every pie-making, cookie-baking, turkey-and-all-the-fixins Mama needs to feel when she knows she's going to be up against a marathon of a day. But, like a trooper, I persevered, getting all the dinner (and desserts) expertly done, in between sniffles, coughs and sneezes. Heck, I even felt somewhat GOOD on Thanksgiving. Perhaps I was only fooled by the euphoria of the day.

By Friday morning, the sore throat came back again in force. Once again, I bravely (or stupidly, depending on your side of the fence) ignored it, choosing instead to push ahead and get through the day, as only a mom with three kids home from school for Thanksgiving vacation (who were hopped up by an overload of apple pie, might I add) can do.

I'd casually mentioned to my husband, in my Robitussin induced stupor, that I'd like to put up the tree for Christmas that weekend. Silly me.

I woke up late on Sunday, after a ridiculously fitful nights sleep (I was coughing up half a lung all night long), and saw, with dread, that my well-rested husband had taken it upon himself to assemble our tree already. Poor guy... I know he meant well. But, all my weary body wanted to do at that point was go back from whence I came... and crawl underneath the covers and die.

But, once again, I persevered. I half-heartedly went through the boxes of lights, garland, ornaments, and other Christmas-y doo dads, and pretty much stopped at the tree and the mantel. Mind you, I typically have something... something that embodies the spirit of Christmas in each and every room of my house. My kids even have their own little Christmas trees, which I place in their bedrooms every year. Not this time, though.

After the tree and mantel were complete, and my homemade Advent calendar was hung, and the wreath was placed on our front door, and a few nick nacks were strewn about in the dining room, I called it quits. My husband gave me quite the quizzical look. I think, only then, he knew how sick I really was.

I spent the next week feeling about the same. Struggling to get through the days, doing just enough to get my kids to and from. Struggling even more to get through the nights, stealing what sleep I could in between brutal cough after brutal cough.

Finally, today, I decided enough is enough. I've thrown down the gauntlet. I called my doctor's office and made an appointment for ME. I'm to be seen by someone in my doctor's staff at 9:30 in the morning on Thursday. (I told the nurse who returned my call that I couldn't care less if I was to be seen by the janitor on duty, as long as he had the authority to write me a prescription for amoxicillin!).

So there you have it. I have succumbed. Now, please pray that I'll be better for Christmas!


Final score:Boys 5 Girls 0 said...

I am glad that you are going in...but not until Thursday? Tell them that you might be dead before then! I hope that you get better soon...afterall, you need to be better before Christmas so that you can finish reading your twilight books!

Mama C. said...

No, I specifically asked for Thursday, 'cause that's one of my husband's days off. This way, he can drive me in and leave to go pick up the girl(s) from school, if need be. Heaven only knows how long I'll have to wait before I'm actually seen, you know? And, with only one vehicle, it makes it kind of tough.

I'm actually starting to feel better than I did last week, but I don't want to risk rebounding again.

And yes, reading the other three books is HIGH on my list! In fact, I might actually have to re-read "Twilight", so I can have it fresh in my mind for the second book! :)

Susy said...

You gotta tell us your not feeling well. A small prayer for a friends health is always a must but I need to know whats up! I hope you are feeling a lot better even before the Dr.s Take care honey!

erica said...

I hope you feel better soon!!! We just had a nasty bug run though here too. Bleh!!

Michelle D. said...

I know this sounds crazy, but it really did help me. Right before I went to bed, I rubbed the soles of my feet with Vicks Vapor Rub, then put on socks. Really, I didn't cough nearly as much. Good luck, hang in there :)

Mama C. said...

Really, Michelle? That really does work?? I've heard of it before, but only as an "old wives' tale". Hmmmmm... I might just have to try it now!

I just came back from taking my oldest daughter to the pediatrician (good news: she doesn't have strep; bad news: she DOES have Coxsackie virus, which inevidably means that my youngest daughter has it too, and not strep, as was originally assumed), and he said, by listening to me attempt to talk, and my hacking cough, and my wheezing while breathing, that he thought I might even have pneumonia. Of course, that was merely an assumption... he can't legally give me a professional examination.

So, now, I'm REALLY glad I have an appointment scheduled for Thursday. Not only do I not want to be sick for Christmas, I don't want to be hospitalized, either!

Susy said...

Oh I think the Vicks thing works my mom swears by, it it is also good when you come in from the cold, it heats you right up!
C where is the post where your computer crashed? What a drag! We were having problems last night! I'm glad I fixed it! Have a great week!
Love ya...Email is!
I have a card for you too and some pix of the kids I haven't posted.

Tanya said...

Good're a winner at my blog!

Mama C. said...

Wow! No way! I'm so excited!! I'll have to go and take a peek and see what I've won.

What a nice Christmas surprise! :)

Susy said...

Yeah Mama I happy for you what a fun perk! Now I have not gotten a response on my blog from you on my Dec 10 and Dec 9 post....
I kinda did it with you in mind!
C ya

Karyn said...

how you doing now? better?