Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back-To-School, Round Two

Today was back-to-school day for R., and N's second "official" day of high school. So, it was a bit rough getting used to moving two bodies along this morning! After we dropped R. off, S. played in the park for a bit, before I had to go to the dentist's to get a cleaning. Then, I had to drop off the final two pieces of paperwork necessary for S. school, and drop off the completed roll of back-to-school pics at Walgreen's (which I'll share privately in a bit, via e-mail).

We came home, and my mom came up to ask how R's morning went. She and I chatted for awhile, then when she left I got some laundry in downstairs, before needing to head BACK to the school to pick R. up (I was so freakin' afraid I'd get busy and totally forget what time it was, so I kept looking at the clock every five minutes!). R. and S. played in the park (again), and then we went back to Walgreen's so I could pick up my pictures (too cute, I tell ya! :), and then to the supermarket to pick up some milk and N's prescription.


What a day!

And it's not over yet. I still have to go through R's backpack, get clothes out and ironed for tomorrow, get R. into the shower and help her with the conditioner (she can never reach the ends of her hair), then dry her hair after dinner, make N. a lunch (R's all set with her free lunches for this year), get washed up..... and then collapse!

Tomorrow should be a lot better. It'll be easier to deal with the two of them, and I won't have so much pressure after school 'cause of the weekend.

I don't know who's more zonked... them, or ME! :)        


Final score:Boys 5 Girls 0 said...

oh yes...send the pictures when you can. I love back to school pictures! I think moms are more exhausted by far...the kids have fun at school and we sit home and worry that they are ok!

Mama C. said...

Not only that, but we also do EVERYTHING that we've either been putting off all week ('cause of all the back-to-school shopping we've had to do), or because we have so much more "free time" on our hands. Ha!

I've been trying to catch up like a madwoman with my house, 'cause between the three kiddos, I've had to go out several times for clothes, shoes, and back to school supplies. And, as you know with toddlers.. it's AMAZING how quickly your house can become cluttered (as you'll plainly see when you see the pictures of R. that I took this morning... S. has this new "habit" of ripping up paper, tissues, toilet paper... you name it... into teeny tiny shreds. And of COURSE I missed some on the floor next to the chair that R. was sitting on this morning! Ugh!)

Michelle D. said...

Gotta love that first week of school don't ya? Good luck with this week. Those kids grow up way too fast!

Mama C. said...

Thanks, Michelle! How's YOUR first week going, both at home and at work? Are you totally fried yet??? ;)