Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sometimes, They Make Me So Very Proud

Today was clean the house day. Whenever it's necessary, my husband and I both pitch in to get everything done at once. And, with my crazy "Mom's taxi" schedule last week, my house was definitely in need of a GOOD cleaning.

Here's the difference -- this week was the FIRST week we got all three of our kids involved. Usually, I decline their help, mostly because they typically do more playing than cleaning. But today, I allowed them to do certain tasks, and they actually pleasantly surprised me by getting them done, and doing them well!

My son swept all the hardwood on the main floor, and vacuumed all the rugs. Then he took the vacuum upstairs, and did his rug, his sister's rug, and the runner in the hallway, before bringing the vacuum back down and putting it neatly away.

My little one helped put her clothes away, with a big, ear-to-ear grin on her face! :)

And, I'm most impressed with my oldest daughter, who WANTED to learn how to do the dishes, AND the laundry! Not only that, but she was excited about it, too! :)

I'm one proud Mama!

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