Thursday, January 8, 2009

Celebrity Sightings (Per Karyn's Request)

As part of the last tag I participated in, one of the "random" things I listed about myself was that I've been fortunate enough to either meet, or spot, a LOT of celebrities in my lifetime. Some were totally by accident (when I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time), and some were arranged.

I've put an "S" next to the stars I've merely spotted, and a "M" next to those I've met, and had even a brief conversation with. If there are numbers next to the letters, it means I've either spotted or met them more than once (the number representing the number of times). I only hope I can remember them all! :)

Jimmy Osmond (M)
Jay Osmond (M3)
Merrill Osmond (M3)
Donny Osmond (M2)
Rex Smith (M)
The Go-Go's (M)
The Psychedelic Furs (M)
Joan Rivers (M)
Bette Midler (M)
Peter Wolf and Seth Justman (from J. Geils Band) (M)
Ric Ocasek (from The Cars) (M)
Laurie Bogart (Lauren Bacall and Humphry Bogart's daughter) (M)
Tina Turner (S)
Lauren Hutton (S)
Malcolm McClaren (former manager of The Sex Pistols) (S)
Natalie Portman (S)
Christopher Lloyd (S)
Christopher Reeve (S)
Vanessa Redgrave (S)
Paul Newman (M)
Sidney Poitier (M)
Lyndsay Crouse (M)
Patti Labelle (M)
Al Gore (M)
John Kerry (M)
Judith Hoag (went to high school with)
Patrick Ewing (went to high school with)
Jon Anastas (went to high school with)
Fran Tarkinton (M)
Roy Orbison (M)
Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford (all from Aerosmith) (M)
Brad Delp and Sib Hashian (both from Boston) (M)
Billy West (M)
Ken Howard (S)
Julia Child (S)
Diane Keaton (S)
Bill Walton (former Celtics player - S)
Danny Ainge (former Celtics player - S)
Robert Parish (former Celtics player - S)
Diane Lane (S)

That's all I can remember, for now (although I feel as if I've forgotten a few! :).


Susy said...

Being a dealer in Lake Tahoe and Vegas I have met and seen a lot of celeb also. However you have seen quite a few That would be awesome to even look at...

Mama C. said...

I forgot about Stephen King, whom I met at a lecture about a year ago. I also spotted Linda Lavin ("Alice"), waiting in line ahead of my girlfriend and me at a restaurant one evening.

I'm sure there are more that I'll remember! :)

I bet you've met a bunch of folks in Vegas. I hope, at least, they were all good tippers!

Karyn said...

Wow. I'd like to met Rex Smith, Paul Newman (I know I gotta wait til Heaven)....