Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why Do They Do This????

I don't know whether it's just me or not, but it seems that there are a LOT more movie previews on during the day, with less than appropriate material for little ones to watch.

Two cases in point:

1) The trailer for "Taken:

Just this trailer completely wigs my 10-year-old daughter out (especially the part where Liam Neeson's character tells his daughter, "They're going to take you, too." I mean come ON now.... who thinks that's okay for a young, impressionable girl to watch?? Especially one whose always had a HUGE hangup over the "things that go bump in the night", and with "monsters" under her bed! Yeah, she's sleeping REALLY well these days now, thanks!

2) Then there's this little dandy... the trailer for "The Unborn"

My kids are especially fond of the creepy guy whose head is on upside down. There's a special brand of terror that comes along with that guy that only a parent can truly understand!

Is it me, being a super-paranoid mom here, or have the networks gotten too callous? I've seen BOTH of these previews on in the middle of the afternoon, allowing both of my girls to witness them, implanting nasty little impressions on their budding brain cells.

Sure, I get that this certain genre of film has quite the following... of ADULTS. In my opinion, if a movie is rated PG-13 or R, meaning that kids under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the theater to see this movie (either alone, or without a parent), then why the HECK are they showing the previews before prime time??

Help me out here, people, will ya? Help me to understand the logic... please?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go check for the Boogeyman underneath my daughter's bed.


Karyn said...

That's one reason I like my Korean drama's so much- I don't have to worry if my little nieces and nephews walk in. Even when the main couple kiss it's more like the kiss you give your parent as a kid. And I don't have to worry about commericals. A lot of them are just too racy... including bra commericals.

Susy said...

Hey C. How ya doing? Miss ya .