Wednesday, August 6, 2008

FINALLY....Some Much Needed Sleep!

I'm more than pleased to announce that my little one slept through the ENTIRE night last night, without one bad dream! Woo hoo! She did tell me this morning that she got up to go potty, but she always goes right back to bed whenever she does, so that was okay. Just so long as she didn't come wailing into my room like her pants are on fire, and we both could get some much needed sleep, all was well.

My oldest daughter got some special, one-on-one time yesterday with my mother. She was gussied up and taken to my niece's house, to help celebrate her second-cousin's 11th birthday. Of course, I had to dip into the Christmas "stash" I have for the kids (I know, I know....stop the moaning and groaning.... yes, I HAVE started my Christmas shopping already!), to put together a quickie gift for my daughter to bring with her, but I managed just fine. I gave her a High School Musical journal, a cute little watch with changeable "covers", a case containing two small bottles of brightly colored and sparkly nail polish, and a thing of peppermint lip gloss. My daughter said she loved her present..... and that she was the only one who received a hug from her second cousin!

My daughter also came home with a nice sized blister on the bottom of her foot. Apparently, she "forgot" to put her shoes back on when she was done playing on their trampoline, and tried to stop herself from going down the incline of their driveway while riding on a putting her bare foot on the wheel of the stupid thing! She said she didn't realize that the wheel got hot when it was moving (probably from the heat of the pavement), so she burned her foot. She was limping around here last night, until I got the chance to clean her foot up a bit and put a Band-Aid on it. This morning she said it feels much better.

It's cloudy, dark, and raining here today, which means no outdoor activities today. My oldest daughter's room is in need of a good cleaning today (I swear that child can't function properly unless her room is a bloody mess!), so she's been sent upstairs to attempt to take care of it. My littlest little is sacked out on one of our living room chairs, watching "Spongebob", and my son is still snoozing (what a life that boy has, I tell ya!).

So...for now... all's quiet on the Western front. Is it too much to ask that it stays this way? Probably.


Final score:Boys 5 Girls 0 said...

I swear...Tate needs lessons from S. on how to stay in his own bed...or maybe I need lessons from you on how to say NO! The last few nights he wakes up around three and I put him in bed with me...and he goes right back to sleep. And as far as the Christmas shopping...I am right there with ya..I start shopping a year ahead of time...can we say CLEARANCE STUFF? It has worked really well...

Mama C. said...

Oh, yay! Someone as "nuts" as me!! I hit the clearance sales right after the holidays, too. We have a couple of storage "hideaway" spaces that we put our goodies in. I've also gotten a little pocket notebook, which I use to write down all of the presents I've purchased for my kids, so I don't buy duplicate stuff, and so I remember what I have. After last year, when we neglected to give our son an ENTIRE bag of his presents until about two weeks after Christmas (when I haphazardly found them on the front porch...all wrapped and ready to go!), I learned my lesson well!! I carry it with me in my pocketbook so whenever I'm out shopping, and happen to spot something they might like, I always have it to refer back to.

As for Mr. T.... I hate to tell you this, hon... but you really do have to be firm with him. Otherwise, he's going to get used to snoozing with you guys QUICKLY, and before you know it, you'll have him co-habitating with you and hubby. If you're one who likes such things, then so be it. I'm a mom who likes my space when I sleep (I don't even like my husband touching me, and have even gone so far as to give us seperate blankets, so there's no chance his fidgety feet will bother me!), so crawling into bed on a nightly basis is a big no-no for me.

Just keep bringing him back into his crib/bed whenever he crawls into yours. Pretty soon, he'll get the message.

You can come cry on my shoulder about the perils of giving your little guy "tough love" afterwards! :)

Erica said...

separate blankets are also very nice if your hubby is a blanket hog.

Mama C. said...

I'm the blanket hog. He's the one who NEVER stops moving his feet while he's sleeping. I honestly don't know how he does it, and aside from my two girls, I've never known anyone else who's been like that, either.

After the "honeymoon" period was over in our marriage (you know... the time where you can't sleep unless you're touching one another?), and I got pregnant with my son, I learned very quickly that I slept much better when I had my own little space lined up. That's when the second blanket was pulled out, and it's been that way ever since! :)

Final score:Boys 5 Girls 0 said...

Cheryl...itis funny because not one of my other boys were ever allowed in our bed...heaven forbid!! Somehow with him being the baby I have felt like it is not OK for him to scream..WHY? It was good enough for the other four! I just need to get a backbone and not get him from his crib...that is the problem also...I am taking him in there...he is not crawling to us! Bad bad mommy!!

Mama C. said...

I don't think you're a bad mama at ALL, Natalie! I think you love and care for him with all of your heart, and you want to comfort him and calm him when he's upset. Sure, it might have something to do with the fact that he's your baby, but I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that you're a loving mom.

I'm not suggesting that you not bring him into bed with you for a bit. What I think you should do, though, is to always make sure you put him back in his crib when he's calmed down a bit. That way, he'll learn that no matter what, he's sleeping in his crib. Period.

Are you guys sure that he'll be the "baby" of your family? You're not going to try for a girl? Although, if I had five boys, I wouldn't much know what to DO with a girl! Besides, I swear boys are so much easier!