Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics Widow, Car Update, and Other Nick-Nacks

Anyone else out there have a spouse/partner that's turned you into an "Olympics Widow"? I mean, don't get me wrong... I'm as excited as the next guy that they're here (and I'm definitely rooting for the good ole' USA), but geez! I'm with three kids ALL DAY LONG, and I look forward to some kind of adult conversation at the end of the day!

Husband's been GLUED to the set, every night (until the wee hours of the morning, I suppose... I'm never awake when he comes to bed), since the opening ceremonies.

I asked him earlier tonight, "Am I going to lose you all night long again tonight?" You know what his response was? "Well, the Olympics are only on every four years." So, in other words.... yes, dear, you ARE going to lose me again tonight, and every other night until the very last competition is over, and the very last medal is awarded. Sigh.

On the way home from picking up R. at the Club (more on her assessment of her first day at camp later), I ran into one of my brothers as I was heading into my front door. Since he's been having a bit of difficulty with his car lately, and has developed quite a repore with a mechanic, I figured I'd ask him where he went and what his opinions were of the dreaded engine light. He seemed to think it wasn't much of a big deal -- that it was probably a sensor that wasn't connected right, or that the gas cap wasn't screwed on properly (uhm... been there, done that), or that it was very likely some kind of other minor malfunction.

At first, he told me that I shouldn't worry about it too much, but when I balked about the possibility of being out somewhere with my kids in the car, and having my car die on the side of a road somewhere, he said he'd meet me back at the house after I dropped R. off at the Club tomorrow, and go with me to see his mechanic.

I sure hope he's right, and that it's something really tiny. Maybe, just maybe, that would mean there's a glimmer of hope that SOMETHING will finally go our way after all! :)

As for Miss R. -- she LOVED her first day of camp! She said they made a bunch of craft-like things in the morning (which I assume were left in their room to dry overnight), and then they went to Stone Mountain Creamery in the afternoon, where they got to "concoct" their own ice cream treats. She said everyone was surprised when she was the only one who finished her entire ice cream (little do they know what a bottomless pit she can be!).

She went upstairs at 4:00, as part of the drop-off program, and called me to ask if she could attend the next free swim. I agreed, as long as she made sure to meet me outside right at 5:00, which, I was proud to see that she did.

And, as predicted, she was tired as all get-out when she came home. She showered, ate, brushed her teeth, and headed upstairs to bed. I wouldn't doubt it if she was asleep soon after her head hit the pillow!

I'm so glad that she liked it, and that my little one was an angel today -- well, except for the brief lapse, when she managed to get into my Vaseline AGAIN, and daubed some into the front strands of her hair -- right after I'd just finished washing it too! Ugh! Guess that girl can't hold her halo straight ALL of the time! :)

Wish me luck tomorrow, and please, please... pray that there's only something minor wrong with my car. I know that there are lots of worthy people who are on a waiting list for a kidney, but I'd rather keep my set in tact for now, thanks!

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