Sunday, July 27, 2008

Am I Sick, or is That Just A Wad of Cotton in My Throat?

You know that feeling when you swallow a big hunk of chicken, and it gets caught in your throat just a bit too long before finally being sent down the shoot? That rough, hurting feeling is what the left side of my throat has felt like for the past two days. It KILLS to swallow. Which, of course, makes me want to swallow more.

I've been in bed for most of the day, and snoozing off and on. I so wanted to leave this house today (I realized today that I haven't gone out anywhere since this past Monday. Pathetic.), but I don't even have the energy to take a shower, which I desperately need. I just give myself a monkey bath later on, I guess.

Okay... back to bed. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not leaving you hanging on purpose. I promise.


Karyn said...

Feel Better!!

Final score:Boys 5 Girls 0 said...

so you are the one who gave me that awful feeling in my throat! LOL! My throat is doing the same thing...negative strep test and everything...I hate that feeling! It does feel so much better to drink ICE COLD sort of numbs it! Feel better soon mama!

Mama C. said...

YES! That's exactly what it feels like... STREP! I've heard that there's a lot of this particular brand of crud roaming around our area, too (which is why I haven't bothered to get a strep test -- dontchya just love it when we moms self-diagnose??).

I actually managed to leave the house today, which was a major accomplishment! Hopefully, that's a sign of good things to come.

Hope you're feeling better too, hon!


Erica said...

feel better!

strep was horrible when I had it!! I really liked the yellow pain relieving medicine the ENT gave me.

Coastalgrannie said...

Sorry you're feeling bad. There's nothing worse than a summer cold. I took a few days off to enjoy my kid-lets, which are hardly kidlets anymore. Hope your body fights it off and your kids give you a little peace. Feel better.