Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It Is Only July, Isn't It???

I'll be so glad for the "cool" spell expected to be wandering sometime later on tonight. Well...I'm not so thrilled about the thunderstorms that are coming first (I'll probably be hiding under the covers during those!), but at least our local forecasters are promising that they're expecting a spell of cooler, drier air to come along with them.

I know there are some of you who are living in areas where the temps. are soaring up to 100 degrees and beyond (and you're probably laughing at me as you're reading this... being the wus that I am!), but I really CANNOT tolerate the heat. My youngest and I had our scheduled WIC appointment this morning, and we went and came right back home into the air conditioning!

I forced myself to do some housework today. That's another thing this horrid weather does... make me feel like a total slug. But, I really did need to sweep and vacuum, and the laundry was beginning to pour out of the top of the hamper, so something needed to be done. I did most of it early in the day, and just hung out for the rest. Awful.

My oldest daughter had a playdate this afternoon with one of her school friends. She went off to his backyard, to play in his new pool. I was sorely tempted to go with her! I'll just settle for taking a nice cool shower once my husband comes home. Hopefully that'll make me feel a bit better.

If it's this hot here now, I can only imagine what it's going to be like here come August! Ugh!


Erica said...

Happy Wednesday!

Karyn said...

Heat is one thing, but when you add humidity, it's horrid.

When I was in Utah it got hot, but it was easier to handle than the hot muggy humidity we get here.

Mama C. said...

Today (Wednesday) is the SIXTH day in a row that we've had a 90 degree day, making it an official heat wave. It's absolutely, without a doubt, completely GROSS.

I hate being stuck inside for so long, but I dislike being outside in the hot and muggies for very long, either.

Major thunderstorms are supposed to be rolling in later on, which sucks (I HATE thunderstorms), but they're bringing in cooler weather. I know.... I said the exact same thing yesterday, but the meteorologist was wrong again (what a surprise!). Hopefully, he's right tonight. I've had just about enough! :)

Oh, and happy Wednesday to you too, Erica!! :)