Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Glasses Saga Continues.....

My girls got such a kick out of the fact that Daddy was coming with us to their activities today. My oldest daughter was especially thrilled (she's my Daddy's girl), and wanted him to go watch her playing tennis (which he very much wanted to do). I quickly dashed my little one up to the gym, hoping she wouldn't notice that Daddy wasn't walking up the stairs behind us. Once we reached the top of the stairs, though, she did ask me where Daddy went, and I told her that he wanted to see Sissy play tennis for a bit, and then he'd come up to watch her. Thank GOODNESS that was a sufficient answer, 'cause she popped off her sandals, handed them to me, and was off like a shot to join the rest of the budding gymnasts!

My older daughter got finished with her tennis lesson first, and joined me on the bleachers to watch her sister. My husband came up shortly after her. Once it was decided that my older daughter would stay for lunch (she's made a couple of new little "girlfriends" there this week, much to my delight, and she wanted to hang out with them), my husband, my youngest daughter and I headed off to the optometrist's office to see about fixing my son's glasses. I brought mine along too, because they've been loosening up since I got them, to the point of annoyance (no sooner do I put them on, they begin sliding down my nose).

My glasses were adjusted quickly, and DEFINITELY feel much better now. My son's glasses didn't fare so well. The entire FRAME has to be replaced, which means they have to send it back to the manufacturer. He really did it up good this time, that boy of mine!

Thankfully, since we both just got our glasses, this replacement is covered by the warranty. BUT... they will only cover this particular fix ONCE. After that, the cost to repair them comes out of our pocket.

That means a stern talking to with my son when he comes home from the Club later on today. He's got to quit falling asleep with the darn things on his face!

Pray for me that he actually HEARS me this time??


Susy said...

We are having glass issues here also. My eyesight needs to get checked only after 2 months...Steve's glasses fell and scratched up rather badly so I have to see what can be done with them! Ry needs new ones also. So mama, I know how you feel, and on top of it,its so dang hot!

Tanya said...

I'm so grateful that so far, none of us have needed glasses. What a pain in the butt sometimes! Hope the new ones stay in one piece!

Susy said...

mama where are you!