Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Keep on Pluggin' Away (or... How To Turn The Corner)

My poor husband was sooooo worried about me last night. He's not a very vocal guy, so if you didn't know him well, you probably wouldn't notice that he was even the slightest bit concerned. But, I knew. He kept coming into our room, "pretending" to get stuff, or check on stuff. But really, he was checking on me. And he had just cause to worry. I've been worried, too.

This dang cold has knocked me off of my feet. LITERALLY.

Yesterday was no exception. My mother (of all people) took my girls downstairs to play in our driveway. They were downstairs for quite some time, leaving me alone to rest. When they finally came upstairs for good, they were wet from playing with the hose, and tired.

I dried off my littlest little and put clean clothes on her. She was so tired she insisted on lying down without me drying her (soaking wet) hair off a bit. So, I towel dried it as much as I could, and shut off her ceiling fan completely. She was out like a light in about 10 minutes.

I took complete advantage of the situation, and went back to bed myself. I was sooooo sleepy, from coughing my fool head off and dealing with a raging sore throat for two days, that I wasn't sleeping well. I fell asleep about 10 minutes after she did.

My husband came home about an hour later, and that was the first time he came in to check on me. He came in again, about an hour later, to check in on me again, under the ruse of asking "what's for dinner?". (Thank GOODNESS we had enough leftover lasagna from the night before that he could re-heat for the kids and him... all I wanted to do was sleep).

He checked in on me a few more times, sometimes stroking my face, or one of my feet, sometimes pretending to do something or look for stuff.

I forced myself to get up so I could take some more medicine. When I finally emerged from our bedroom, it was 10:40 p.m. I'd been asleep for almost SEVEN HOURS! No wonder he was so worried about me!

I took my medicine, sat up with my husband for awhile, and then headed back to bed. I was still pretty bleary-eyed and wanted to rest some more.

Whatever this crud's trying like HELL to win the fight. Which is okay, as long as I can ultimately win the war.


Final score:Boys 5 Girls 0 said...

I am glad to see that you might be doing a little better..and I am feeling bad that I fell 100% better now...I hope that this crap will leave you alone soon! It sucks when one day you feel ok and the next ten days you feel like complete poop! get feeling better...and your husband does the same thing that mine does...wont admit that he is "checking" on me...yet still comes down stairs about every 20 minutes to " LOOK" for something...convenient! TO funny!

Mama C. said...

Well, it's just nice to know that they won't leave us for dead, that's for sure! :)

Yeah, this thing truly sucks. I hate feeling this weak and incapacitated. I feel so badly for my kids...they know their mom isn't her usual self, and they don't quite know what to do about it.

I'm hoping by tomorrow, I'll at least have enough energy to get dressed! Ugh!

Coastalgrannie said...

Wow - and you took the time to write some sweet notes on my site. I'm honored! And I love you thoughts - thanks for sharing with your weakened condition. You are sweet. I hope you crawled RIGHT back in bed! There was a flu going around here in the spring that sounds a LOT like what you have. There wasn't any thing that helped except rest - and we're talking about five days worth. It took most of our little town down in stages. And I mean it whipped the stuffing out of folks. My hubby and Mom got it. I never did, thank goodness. Drink as many liquids as you can stand and if it IS the same thing, you are going to be a while getting your strength back. Take is very easy so you don't relapse. Sorry you got hit so hard and thanks for the notes :)