Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Funnies, Part II (or, a Five-Minute, Hysterically Funny Conversation with my Little Smarty-Butt)

I was all cozy in my bed, watching "The Langoliers" on TV, when my little one climbed up next to me, with her ever-lovin' "good girl" calendar, clutched tightly in one of her pudgy little hands.

She got so close to my face (as she often likes to do, especially when she feels like she's got something gut-shattering important to tell you) that we were practically nose to nose. Here's how our five minute conversation unfolded:

S: "Mama, I don't want this calendar anymore."
(Mind you, this sentence was made even more profound by the fact that she had her best, pitifully-sad-puppy-dog-face on.)
Me: "But why, sweetie?"
S: "Because I don't."
Me: "Why don't you want your calendar anymore? You and I picked out the Belle picture together, and it's so pretty."
S: "I know. I don't want anymore stickers."
Me: "Why don't you want anymore stickers?"
S: "Just 'cause."
Me: "Is it because it's too hard for you to be good enough all day to earn one?"
S: "Uh huh."
Me: "Well, I really think you should try hard to be good anyway, but you don't have to have the calendar in your room anymore, if you don't want to. But that'll mean no treats, either."
S: "Okay, Mama."

And with that, she was off like a shot. Probably to hunt down her older sister and unleash all of the mischief she'd been holding up inside her for three whole days.

My Smarty-Butt is just too darn funny sometimes.


Karyn said...

you need to capture the puppydog face and share now.

Mama C. said...

Well, in order for me to do that, I'd have to do one of two things:

1) Go private, or

2) Get your e-mail addy.

I'm one of those weirdly over-protective Mamas who doesn't like posting my kids' pictures over the Internet. Just funny that way.

Karyn said...

email addy... go to my profile page. (^.^)

and over protective is good.