Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hmmmm.... Is It REALLY Worth It??

Almost an hour ago, my son informed me that his glasses broke. He nonchalantly handed them to me and said, "If I find the screw, can you fix these for me, Mom?" I took a close look at them (well, as close as my own myopic eyes would let me), and I quickly discovered that no, the microscopic screw did not come loose... they'd actually broken in half, right near the hinge!

Mind you, these are BRAND NEW glasses. He and I both went for our eye exams at the same time, and we both got new prescriptions. Since he's gotten so much bigger since the last time he got his prescription filled (and so much older), he warranted new glasses, as well. So, how, do you ask, did they get broken so quickly? Because... my darling boy thinks nothing of SLEEPING with his glasses on his face! My husband and I have told him time and time again that he needs to take them off before he goes to bed for the night, but he never does!

And of course, he notifies me that his glasses are broken at about 4:50 p.m., which is about ten minutes before the optometry shop closes! So... I guess that's just another trip I'll have to make in this awful heat tomorrow.

The good news is, after a MAJOR search, he managed to find his old pair of glasses. He kept coming downstairs, telling me he couldn't find them, and they only "magically" appeared after I told him that he was not allowed to come down until he found them! It's amazing what the loss of a home-cooked meal can do! :)


Erica said...

broken not fun!

Mama C. said...

No, they really aren't. Especially when all three pairs of his glasses have pretty much been broken doing the exact same thing! That boy of mine has been wearing glasses since he was in the 1st grade, and all that time, we've been telling him to take them off when he sleeps!

Thank GOODNESS he found his old glasses, so he can at least SEE in the meantime!

Erica said...

grrr. lost my post!

I've fallen asleep with my glasses on. I'll claim it's always just at naptime though, when I'm on the chair with a sleep babe. But.... I remember a few times sleeping over at my grandparents when I am sure I put them in their case at night but I wake up with them on! Not sure what I'm dreaming there...rofl. I could suppose I was looking for the time...

Karyn said...

I had mine ducted taped together for over a year. Finally just got a new pair... don't like em.

Mine broke thanks to a helmet for motorbike riding. I like your songs excuse better.