Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This About Says It All.....

Now....if only I could get my girls to cooperate,
that would be wonderful! :)


Final score:Boys 5 Girls 0 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! it is always nice to turn 29!!! Hope that you have had a great day!!!

Mama C. said...

Naw... I don't want to be 29 again (although that was the year I first met my husband). I'd settle for 39, though.... that was a good year!! :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes, sweetie!


Karyn said...

Happy Birthday! Celebrate it and be happy for your age. (Numbers don't mean a thing... and if you want to be happy about something, in Asia you'd actually be considered a year older then the western world says.)

Mama C. said...

And why's that, Karyn? Do they count the year "in utero" as your first year?

Hey... when you're on the downward slope to 50, one more year won't matter much.

(Sorry, Sus!)

Erica said...

I think they count that, yep.