Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I tried to warn you. I told you guys last week that I'd be hearing that, from at least one child, on a consistant basis. My oldest one is perfectly content holing himself up in his air-conditioned "Batcave", competing with both his real-life friends, and his new friends he's met online with his XBox 360 Live. My little one doesn't know any better, and is also perfectly content to hang out, watch movies or her favorite shows on PBS, and to (hopefully) take her afternoon snooze.

So... you wanna guess who the groaner is? That's right -- it's my oldest daughter.

I can't half blame her, though; I'm going kind of house-happy myself right now. But, with the combination of VERY little cash (after doing a MAJOR grocery shopping run late last week, to insure that we'd have enough food for these bottomless pits of mine, and filling up the tank of my big, honkin' SUV) and the stifling heat and humidity we've been experiencing here in our neck of the woods, there aren't many options left.

I do have free passes to the IMAX theater that I won, but if I take the kids to see a movie there, they're gonna complain when I tell them I can't buy them the "goodies" at the concession stand. I also have free passes to the New England Aquarium, but again... not enough money for all of us to take the "T" into Boston right now. Such a quandry.

So, I've heard it, again and again. "Mom, I'm so booorrreeeeddd!!" I've been trying to fill up her day with projects, but her idea of "fun" isn't necessarily cleaning her room, putting her toys away, or helping me put her laundry away. Hey...guess what, kid? It's not my idea of fun, either!

She finally settled for an afternoon downstairs at Nana's. I guess she figured that Nana could efficiently spoil her, and right now she's probably munching away on her 4479847304584549304983453578478094th cookie, while playing some silly game on my mom's laptop.

Hey, I'm not complaining, really. I don't get to see her sour, mopey puss, and she's leaving my little one alone to sleep peacefully. And a peaceful house means a happy Mama! :)

Only three more days left before the weekend's here, then I'll begin to see the light at the end of the "bored" tunnel. Next week, both girls are signed up for activities at the Boys and Girls' Club again.

Until then, I'll try my best to hang on for dear life.


Susy said...

Today my oldest niece took my kids and I remained a bum....I don't know what has gotten me in the bum mode but I am there! Wish me luck for tomorrow. By the way I'm bbbbbooorrreedd....LOL

Mama C. said...

Oh no you DIDN'T! You didn't EVEN go there with the bored stuff, did ya?? ;)

I know what you mean though. On the rare occasions when I have some "kid free" time, I practically walk around here in circles, wondering what to do with myself (when I'm not frantically running all the errands that need to get done, that is)!

I'm sure you'll figure out something to do!



Karyn said...

I'm Erica's twin. And the favorite aunt of all my nieces and nephews.
Thanks for posting a comment at my blog.
And the book... well, I only read for about one or two so- it was one of the Narnia books. So a young adult book... so yeah, it went fast. But I can read a book in one day if that is all I do. I read Gerald Lund's book "Fire of the Covenant" in one day. Just depends on how much reading I do.

Karyn said...

I meant for one or two hours. It was a very short reading time.... my nephews kept demanding I play with them since I had been gone for a long time.

Mama C. said...

Ahhhh... her twin, huh? So there's double trouble?? ;)

I have the complete Narnia series for my kids, and someday I'll get to read them, too! I don't have a whole lot of "me" time where I can fully concentrate on a book, so I don't get to read as much as I would like to. The only real time I have is during the school year, when I'm waiting for my oldest daughter to get out of school. I sit in my car and read while I'm waiting for her (that is, if I don't have my youngest daughter with me...then I usually have to take her to the park, if she's awake. If she's sleeping, it's a different story! :)

I'm about halfway through "Smilla's Sense of Snow", and I probably won't pick it up again until September, when school starts back up again! :)

I hope you don't mind, but I've added you to my Blogger Friends list. You're more than welcome to add me to yours, as well, if you'd like! :)


Karyn said...

I don't mind, And I'll add you. It might take me awhile to update that though.

I came to tell you.. go to www.jerichoroadmusic.com and you can listen to some of thier songs. They are AWESOME.

... I think Pikachu is too cute to be 'mistaken' for that ugly statue. I love Pikachu... did before that show hit the US.

Mama C. said...

I actually think Pikachu is pretty cute, too. I was referring to the story I told Don about my son when he was younger, though:


Scroll down a bit, and you'll see the story shared there. To this day, I can't help but giggle every time I pass by the Boston Temple! :)