Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There's a Ghost in the House! No Wait...That's Just My Daughter.

So my little one's been a complete noodge today. Whiny, crying, and miserable for no apparent reason. Since she got UP, no less! (Lucky me, huh???).

My husband just came home from a really hard day at work, soaking wet with sweat, filthy dirty, and tired. My daughter immediately ran up to him to try to give him a hug, and all he said was, "Wait until I get washed up, okay?" That one little sentence proceeded to set her off on a MAJOR crying fit, to the point where everyone was trying their fool best to ignore her. I got tired of listening to her, and banished her to her room (always the bad guy, I am!), and telling her that she could not come out until she stopped.

Now I'm listening to the equivalent of a Bassett Hound howling. Or is that a ghost moaning? And, the more she's ignored, the louder she gets. I'm trying my very best not to crack up laughing.

I'm telling you guys, we're losing money on her. She should be in the movies!


Susy said...

I left a comment on my blog. I hadn't read your blog yet, it goes along with your post!

Tanya said...

Ah yes, the infamous temper tantrum. Music to our ears, right? lol!

Hope she's feeling better now and got that hug from Dad!

Mama C. said...

Nothing doing, Tanya. She was grumpy and mopey for the rest of the night. Boy, was I glad when it was FINALLY bedtime for her!!

I can say that *I* was happy when I finally got that hug from "Dad"! :) I think I needed it more than she did!

And Sus... I just replied to your post. Sorry you had such a yucky day yesterday. Hope today is better for you, hon!

Erica said...

it's humorous the way you right it up... she sounds like a ghost. I'd say though, tsk tsk daddy, should have given your crabby girl a hug despite the dirt! Then maybe there'd have been a break in the ghostly visits.

Hubby hugs are great aren't they?

Coastal Granny said...

Your sense of humor will carry you through lots of garbage! What a great job you are doing as a mom! You are teaching her that there are limits. You are teaching her that you will mean what you say. You are teaching her the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. It's hard, but it SO pays off as they gt older. Shows how much you love her. Hang in there! Kudos to your hubby for backing ou up! Hope you both got some good rest and are having a better day.

Mama C. said...

Naw, I wouldn't let him go anywhere NEAR her when he walked through the door. After her gymnastics class, I gave her a nice refreshing bath, and washed her hair, too... so she was all squeaky clean. There was NO WAY I was going to have him muck her up with his hands all full of grease and oil, and his clothes all full of dust and dirt. He's a washer/dryer mechanic, so he comes home pretty disgusting from taking apart machinery, and either crawling or lying down on people's basement and laundry room floors all day long. He DEFINITELY needed to get washed up first!

Heck, I won't even let him sit down on my furniture until he's at least gotten washed up and taken his yucky work clothes off!

Mama C. said...

Awwww, thanks for the sweet compliments and high praise, Paula! That really does mean a lot, especially because, as a parent, I do second-guess myself sometimes. But, like you said, I've got to set boundaries for my children, otherwise they won't know right from wrong as they get older.

My husband and I always work as a team with our kids. We never contradict each other when it comes to discipline. And, if we do disagree on something, we NEVER discuss near the children. We want them to think that Mama and Daddy are on a united front ALWAYS. :)

Erica said...

oy! that dirty. ewww..hahaha

Mama C. said...

Yeah, he is pretty ewwwie when he walks through the door. He makes a beeline for the shower every single night (so he can feel "human" again, as he says).