Saturday, July 12, 2008

"College Road Trip".... What A Reality Check!

Since there's been nothing but repeats of repeats on television lately (especially on the weekends), I took a trip to our local video store and rented a couple of movies for us to watch over the next couple of nights.

My oldest daughter wanted to see "College Road Trip", as did I, so that was one of the selections I chose.

After tonight's dinner, my girls got into their pajamas, and settled in to watch the movie. My little one quickly lost interest, and wandered off into her room to play, but my oldest daughter stuck through the entire movie. She really likes Raven Symone, and there's a certain guy in the movie I wanted to see! :)

It was a really cute film, and I liked it a lot. The only part that got to me was the end, when the parents dropped their baby girl off at the front steps of Georgetown, and the dad was reflecting back on how quickly the time had passed in this young lady's life.

I have to admit, the tears were flowing down my cheeks when I was watching this particular part, probably because I know exactly how that feels. My son and my husband will be going off to a college scholarship assistance seminar tomorrow, and I admit I'm a bit overwhelmed by even that. I can't even begin to imagine just how much of a basket case I'm going to be when he really does go off to college. I know for sure, when the time comes for me to say my final goodbyes before I have to leave him behind at his selected university, my emotions are definitely going to get the best of me, and I will undoubtedly embarrass that poor boy of mine! :)

But hey, that's a mother's prerogative, right?


Final score:Boys 5 Girls 0 said...

I know that everyone tells you how fast time flies...and it really does! I have not seen that movie..but the same guy that you wanted to see in it is the one reason that I would watch the movie!!! LOVE HIM!!!

Mama C. said...

Oh, you HAVE to see it! It's so relatable for us moms! Plus... he's REALLY very funny, and quite good! :) I highly recommend it, if you want to watch something cute and "light".