Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yet Another Tag for my New Blogger Friends

A- Attached or Single? I'm very much attached to my husband of over 14 years. We're pretty much "lifers".

B- Best Friend? Aside from my husband, who really is my very best friend, my best girlfriend is Andrea (we've known each other since we were about 10 years old), and my Tommy is my twin, separated at birth!

C- Cake or pie? I'm not much of either a cake or a pie person. I'd rather bake 'em than eat 'em!

D- Day of choice? I love Sundays. It's the one day of the week where I know that we can always chill as a family.

E- Essential Item? My cell phone. It really is my security blanket, especially when I don't know where my son is.

F- Favorite Color? I'm a primary kinda gal: Red, White, and Black.

G- Gummy Bears or Worms? I really do like Gummy Bears, but ONLY if they're the "real" kind. The white ones are soooo yummy!

H- Hometown? I grew up in Cambridge, MA, but we're currently living in Arlington (MA). I detest moving, and don't like to go far (obviously!). But, my husband and I are both in agreement that the next time we move, we're MOVING (out of state). It's just too expensive to live here.

I- Favorite Indulgence? Haagen Daz Swiss Vanilla Almond ice cream. I don't buy it much, 'cause when I do, I can chow down the entire pint in one sitting!

J- January or July? I think I'd pick July. January is too much of a let-down from Christmas for me. Besides, July is my birthday month! :)

K- Kids? We have three: N is a few months shy of 14, R is 9 1/2, and S is almost 3 1/2.

L- Life isn't complete without? My husband and my children. I really could not imagine my life without any of them in it.

M- Marriage date? October 30, 1993.

N- Number of brothers and sisters? I have four older brothers, and one older sister.

O- Oranges or Apples? Hmmmm...that depends on my mood, and the type of fruit we're talking about. I love both Cara Cara and blood oranges, but I also love Golden Delicious or MacIntosh apples.

P- Phobia and fears? Thunderstorms and centipedes/millipedes.

Q- Quote? Whew! My favorites change all the time, really.

R- Reason to smile? When I feel like I've taken good care of my family.

S- Season of choice? Early fall

T- Tag three people? I'd love for everyone to do this!

U- Unknown fact about me? My 3rd grade teacher tried to force me to use my right hand to write with, but I stuck to my guns!

V- Vegetable? Broccoli, fresh green beans, corn on the cob, carrots

W- Worst habit? I don't know if this is considered a habit, but I don't like the feeling when I slip into one of my "funks".

X- Ray or Ultrasound? It depends on what you're looking for in there!

Y- Your favorite food? Mexican from The Border Cafe... yummy!

Z- Zodiac sign? Cancer


Christie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. I'm totally with you on the post-Christmas letdown, too.

And WHAT? You like to bake and not eat treats? Tell me how to do that, please.

Mama C. said...

The trick, Christie, is to bake things that you're not particularly fond of! I'm not a fan of cake, or of fruit pies, so I bake those! :) I'm not totally innocent, though... if I bake a batch of brownies, for example, I have to practically lock myself out of the kitchen to keep from eating the entire plate myself! :)

So... are you going to take the A-Z survey? I'd be interested in seeing your answers, as well! :)


Karyn said...

New layout! I MIGHT do this tag... time will tell. I'm about to watch a K-drama....

And I kinda liked that song too.

And I can bake and not eat... I use to bake goodies for my old crush, even stuff I don't like like peanut butter cookie with hersey kisses on top.

Mama C. said...

You like the new layout, K? I think it's much more "homey" than the generic caramel brown.

You HAVE to do this tag... I find "useless information" like this so completely fascinating! :) And, there's nothing too personal in there, is there? (I can't remember... besides I'm pretty much an open book, so I don't mind answering most questions, anyway! :)

Go watch your movie, and then come back to your blog and play... okay?